BETWEEN LIGHT AND SHADOW. SIGNS OF LIFE FROM THE PRISON The prison theme is a very important issue for the historical period we are living. An exhibition is on display inside an ancient detention

1a section

Ascoli Piceno offers a wide review of monuments and Malatesta fortress is its most characteristic and singular place of interest. It is situated within the ancient walls but almost decentrated in

1b section

"The conditions of the structures and the inadequacy of places and penitentiary settings are commonly the main obstacles to the making of the basics of humanization and socialization of the

1c section

This room is arranged according to the photos made by Paolo Raimondi and the tales by those imprisoned over the 60's and the 70's. This reenactment tries to reproduce as much as possible the place

I section – Paolo Raimondi

PAOLO RAIMONDI Paolo Raimondi lives in Ascoli Piceno.  He has been teacher at Motor Science Department - Biotechnologic and Ward Science Department at L'Aquila University. He has always been a

II section – Matteo Costanzo

MATTEO COSTANZO (Rome 1985) He lives and works in Rome. <<No action can achieve a result, if it gets lost in the act. Likewise the act has to forget the aim of the action to accomplish

III section – Valerio Bispuri

VALERIO BISPURI He's living in Buenos Aires. He's a professional reporter since 2001 and collaborates with numerous Italian and international magazines for example L'Espresso, Il Venerdì,

IV section

This section is dedicated to signs left on the walls by prisoners: leaving a sign of its own passage is a feature and insuppressible will of human being. Even more so it is relevant leaving your

V section – Benedetta Fioravanti

BENEDETTA FIORAVANTI (Ascoli Piceno,1995) She lives and works in Venice.  Her artistic research is a development of a survey about the routine: she observes and studies the anthropology of the

VI section

Life traces from prison Video by Xentex - video productions with the participation of Remo Croci