I section – Paolo Raimondi

I section – Paolo Raimondi


Paolo Raimondi lives in Ascoli Piceno. 

He has been teacher at Motor Science Department – Biotechnologic and Ward Science Department at L’Aquila University. He has always been a photographer enthusiast and registered with FIAF (federazione italiana associazioni fotografiche). In his photographic projects he explores the suburban: street life and forsaken buildings. The photographic work at Malatesta fortress, made with the help of Angelo Pavoni after the transfer of the jail to the new location in 1980, has the aim to be a documentary or a poetic tale about a situation that soon could have been lost owing to the restoration. Indeed Paolo Raimondi’s snapshots are the only historical, cultural and social witnesses about the former local prison. The photographic project’s features are the “sculptural” and “three-dimensional” looks got by violent light and dark or contrasts: strong rays light up the setting and mold different shapes. Lots of features have modelled those kind of emotions: dark settings and cold tones are warming up thanks to rays of light that seem to create a connection between indoor and outdoor or a sort of dialogue between past and present and nothing has been touched (things, furniture) at the time of when he has shooted. Settings, objects and mostly the writings on the walls remain solitary traces of an ancient history, presences that are still here with their echoes or memories and Paolo Raimondi’s photos have the skills to freeze that lost time making a sort of “space-time” bubble.

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