II section – Matteo Costanzo

II section – Matteo Costanzo

He lives and works in Rome.

<<No action can achieve a result, if it gets lost in the act. Likewise the act has to forget the aim of the action to accomplish immediately. Moreover, in the oblivion of the gesture (in this case tyrant) the act tricks the action, abandoned by his architect>> Carmelo Bene – Giancarlo Dotto, Vita di Carmelo Bene, 1998.

Matteo Costanzo’s artistic research is a process characterized by a careful analytical research of reality by which he gathers and picks original materials that are cut and mixed to get a new shape and a new purpose. His poetry is based on the human condition the art and self-subjectivity. Costanzo uses different languages for example videomaking, photo editing, sculptural installations, generative art methods, collage and paintings. His performances are loops where an endless circularity sees the light with no definition of what a start or an end of the work is and with a new framework of the object – subject in the video.

GREEN_PERFORMANCE #07 [De Sade evaso/De Sade escaped] is part of the Green_performance series of which the video is a mere remaining. It is a matter of a return of an act happened in another time and captured in a one of his loop of the research. The green as above is the MORPHSUIT GREEN that in the video technologies’ scope has the aim to get invisible who wears it. But in this work his role’s overturned, getting an aesthetic anti-hero.
Matteo Costanzo chooses one of Marquis De Sade’s letter written when he was in prison in France at the Bastille. Specifically this letter is just a whole the chaotic thoughts about the concept of escape: escape from religion, from moralism, from the State and routine. In “Green_performance #07 De Sade evaso/De Sade escaped] the present voice is an immobile ghost that reads verses of “sadian” epistolary. It made a “ghost-shape” able to make the prisoner escape. Sade is escaped from his body with his dead and the aesthetic elevation: by way of the listening of the general public. Moreover the escape shows the choice of installation: the green spectre that through the projection escapes from the screen and spreads thanks to the voice. The green body, deprived of any identity and characterizing appearance, is unable to escape and let itself go to the collapse. This one is a reborn Sade, from the ashes of the aristocratic libertine absorbed by himself and by his new world: <<this way of thinking>> he writes to her wife <<you blame is the only solace in my life>>

GREEN_PERFORMANCE #07 [De Sade evaso/ De Sade escaped] 2023
HD VIDEO, Video projection, loop

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