IV section

IV section

This section is dedicated to signs left on the walls by prisoners: leaving a sign of its own passage is a feature and insuppressible will of human being. Even more so it is relevant leaving your experience and your message in prison. The nature of these messages is miscellaneous: encouragements, vulgarity, drawings, politician symbols considerations or just a signature of own passage. There is no more one prevalent meaning but they are all mixed up, so the aim of the exhibition is to give a dignity to the section.
The imprisoned human beings here are still humanity even if with their weakness or outburst of hope. The is the protagonist of a message portrayed on a photo:

Friend you are coming after me,
don’t give up
everything passes, all goes by

A message to the next prisoner with the aim to console. According to imprisoned people in the 70’s the comfort is necessary because “most of people didn’t bear the imprisonment”. Indeed a thought etched on the wall says:

God not content to have created the hell, he invented the prison“.

According to the experiences of the prisoners in this fortress, a message of that kind didn’t mean this jail but prisons in general, because people who came here were already in other harder jails with greater suffering. Lots of messages on the walls are, indeed, just common declarations of passage, names, surnames, nicknames: all methods to remember not to be just an identification number but people in the flesh, waiting to get FREE (an engraving written with strength on the wall): a liberating shout by those ones ready to go out and come back to the otherside of the boundary wall.

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