V section – Benedetta Fioravanti

V section – Benedetta Fioravanti

She lives and works in Venice. 

Her artistic research is a development of a survey about the routine: she observes and studies the anthropology of the interpersonal individual’s behavior. One of the main element of her work is the study about the individual’s connections in or out the ever-changing contemporary community. Fioravanti mainly works with video and sounds to recall places between “visible” and “invisibile” matching opposite elements in order to inspiring observers and routine. Benedetta Fioravanti explores the linguistic codes of the street culture by way of an obsessive stack of digital video material got by web, according to specific standards as correlation among words, number and extension file. Web images, without correlation, are edited in order to to lost their original sense, the aim is to give them new shapes, new meanings, a sort of continuous flow of consciousness.

FOREVER AGAIN is a video that reflects on the concept of personal and collective memory in relationship with oblivion, sweet weakness and sense of dereliction by feelings and mindset. It is a matter of the experience at the border of dream and wakefulness: the title reminds the concept of the co-presence of opposites, in this case “forever” and “again”. In FOREVER AGAIN memories begin to dematerialize and fall apart in a situation of amnesy. The loss of substance causes a direct and indirect act of destruction. In this video, the wreck of a demolished car is a metaphor of the violent action of an erased story that should be a “wrong story” in this exhibition. The video is featured by a track made by Furtherset (Tommaso Pandolfi) who highlights the meaning of lack and presence thanks to its slow evolution, put over the original sound, in clear contrast with the video images. Thus the evanescence caused by the oblivion overlaps the “right to opacity” of Édouard Glissant, the right not to be totally accessible by others or not to be understood. Maybe to be forgotten.

FOREVER AGAIN 2023 Sound by Furtherset HD VIDEO, Stereo Sound 5′

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