Introduction “Van Orton Perspective”

Introduction “Van Orton Perspective”

The exhibition Prospettiva Van Orton, on display at Forte Malatesta in Ascoli Piceno and Palazzina Azzurra
in San Benedetto del Tronto, aims to retrace the milestones of the career of Van Orton (Marco and Stefano
Schiavon), a pseudonym borrowed from Nicholas Van Orton, the protagonist of the famous 1997 film “The
Game”; by David Fincher, starring Michael Douglas.

Born in 1983, twins, from the city of Rivoli in Piedmont, Van Orton began their adventure in 2013
collaborating with many brands from the world of music, art, cinema, design, sport, manufacturing and
motoring, soon launching their career beyond the national borders.

Their production revisits pop imagery starting from an inspiration close to the suggestions of Roy
Lichtenstein and then developing -through the use of large black outlines within which the colour palette
explodes – a highly personal style that draws on the aesthetics of Gothic cathedrals, combining new
instances with a visual and mnemonic heritage deeply rooted among the generations born from the 1980s

A kaleidoscopic activity that, thanks to an iconic and highly recognisable style, has created a true trademark
and an intergenerational and transversal appeal. From the artistic creations designed for Jovanotti,
Alessandro Cattelan, Bon Jovi’s tour in 2019 and the Eddie Vedder’s concert in Florence in the same year, to the collaborations for Disney and Swatch, not forgetting those for Mercedes and Colmar and for the
European tour of the New generation Ducati Scrambler.

The Ascoli Piceno venue features a series of works by Van Orton ranging from the collaboration with Fedez
for the Sisley capsule collection, to that for the “Colmar Pop Mountain” limited edition, from the revisitation
of the world of cinema inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s perspective, to the magic of the world of music with
the famous Beatles walk, or even to their interpretation of the basketball champions of the 80s and 90s,
bringing to mind NBA legends such as Michael Jordan or Patrick Ewing.
Not to mention the artists passionate homage to the famous Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki, featured
here with three of his unforgettable films: “Porco Rosso”, “Princess Mononoke”, with its protagonists
Ashitaka and San-Mononoke, and “Howl’s Moving Castle”.

The last two rooms are dedicated, in perfect accordance with the current phase of Van Orton’s artistic
research and investigation, to the abstract and conceptual approach they have been experimenting with in
more recent years.

From the monumental three-sided luminous totem, which combines psychedelic artworks between
illustration and animation, to the last room which concludes the exhibition with a resounding performance
that transports the visitor into an immersive atmosphere of other times.

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